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Development Services

We have talented Java and Skript developers ready to rocket your network to the next level! Stay ahead of the competition with game changing features.

Graphics Designers

Level up your branding game! We can do Minecraft Renders and Minecraft Text alongside modern branding. So let's chat!

Plugin Configuration

Complex config? No worries! Let our talented plugin configurators setup your plugins to be exactly how you would like them with a quick delivery time.

Level up your branding.

Brands first impressions are visual 55% of the time. So let's make a good impression!
Work with CN Studios to create branding that stands out.

Minecraft Setups

Spend less time coding and more time making money with monetizable drop in setups,
Build on top of the existing setup or hire a plugin developer to implement your ideas!

Minecraft Solutions

Take advantage of the Minecraft & build servers with game changing features.
Hire a Skript, Java Developer or a configuator with CN Studios!

The one-stop shop for brands and Metaverse creators.

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